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Blak Pantha is a Pan Afrikan, Lecturer, Author, proud member of many organizations and Co founder of the Mossi Warrior Clan.  Blak Pantha is an advocate of African Spirituality and uses the principle of these ancient practices to solve problems within the black community and in the diaspora worldwide.  

Having traveled to KMT and Senegal he is avid researcher and focuses on sound methodology, primary and well verified secondary sources as his means of providing information.

Blak Pantha is a member of The Amen Ra Squad, Raising Awareness Group, Collective Black People Movement, UNIA Division #421 in Atlanta, RBG Nation, and Us lifting Us economic cooperative.

Blak Pantha was given this name and uses it as a medium to strive for excellence in the black community.  Drawing inspiration from the classic comic book he seeks to create a united federated union in Afrika(Wakanda) in which the best of science and traditional African spirituality are present.


“Mbe, Mbe Ma Yeye” Exist, exist always mother…
“Mbe, Mbe L'Oro” Exist, exist always in our tradition.

Oshun awuraolu…The spirit of the river, turtle drummer
Iba oshun sekese…Praise to the goddess of mystery
Latojoku awde we ‘mo…Spirit that cleans me inside out.
Iba oshun olodi… Praise to the goddess of the river,
Latojoku awede we 'mo…Spirit that cleans me inside out.
Iba oshun ibu kole…Praise to the goddess of seduction,
Latojoku awede we 'mo…Spirit that cleans me inside out.
Yeye kari…Mother of the mirror,
Yeye 'jo…Mother of dance,
Yeye opo…Mother of abundance,
O san rere o…We sing your praise,
Ase O..Yeyeo…

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